Lots of women already have the ideal man they would like to spend their whole lives with. This does not exclude European ladies, of course. It is wrong to assume that these women want someone who is truly attractive, well-built and drives a Porsche. Put simply, they want the perfect Prince Charming. Let’s just tone it down a little bit since we’ve checked out numerous profiles and you would be shocked at what European girls actually want in a man:

1. They would like somebody who is sensitive.

When it comes to words associated with this characteristic such as “sappy”, “feminine” and “soft”, this is not what ladies from Europe want. To explain further, we mean sensitive in a way that you’re aware and you consider how she feels. Being understanding and empathetic are similar to being sensitive.
2. They like somebody who can take charge.

Contrary to what you may be thinking, European girls do not want a YES MAN. The guy should be able to decide and take control. A guy who enforces the rules, strong and assertive without being demanding, arrogant or forceful is what these girls like. Even though European girls are strong-willed, they like the man to be the MAN of the HOUSE so do not let their tough exterior fool you.

3. A Good Provider.

A guy who has a stable job is important to any lady. As the man of the house, you’re supposed to provide for the basic needs of the family and that is what European women want also. Having a man whom they could count on on a financial basis makes them feel secure and this is crucial to them. They don’t mean providing for everything. Because European women are self-sufficient, they’re capable of taking care of themselves. Nevertheless, it is also crucial for them to feel secure that you have it covered if the need arises.

4. A Man Who will Respect Them.

Among all the things that European girls would like, respect is the most vital. They like a man who allows them to be themselves, lets them pursue their personal goals and supports them to be more independent. It’s also crucial to a man to find a lady who will support him in all the things he does.

Everything is Practically The Same

If you look at it clearly, what European girls like is the same as what each and every lady wants. You can’t be anything and everything personally but if you fit the description of a good man (described with the traits mentioned) then you’ll have no troubles getting a serious European sweetheart.