Congrats if you are reading this article because it probably means that you are about to move your Russian fiancé to the United States to live with you. Once you have finished filing all the documents, you only have to book a flight to her new home! It’s essential to make it easy for her to live in the States so you can start a new life together.

We do not like to burst your bubble but there are a few more things that you have to do when your fiancé lands. Though this may seem insignificant, it is essential to give her all the help she needs in order to have a successful romantic relationship.

1. Explain how everything is different.

Everything will definitely not be the same to her. If she could understand English then it would be better to tell what changes to anticipate. She would live a new life in a new nation and it’s important to prepare her for the changes. Make sure she does not get confused with the DOs and DON’Ts of daily life. If she has questions, it would really help if she’s guaranteed that you are always there for her.

2. Things to Do on a Daily Basis.

If your fiancé starts to do things on a regular basis, it would be less challenging for her to adjust living in a different country. Describe to her what a typical day for you as a couple would be. For instance, you go to work for 5-8 hours and she stays at home to do some of the housework. You must be able to describe each detail to her before you go to work the next day. It’s not telling her what to do either because you need to plan this as a couple.

3. Communication and lots of it.

Communication is vital for a couple to have a good partnership so make sure you do this also. It is vital that both of you listen and not just hear what the other individual is saying. Be sure you understand each other’s feelings especially when one or both are frustrated. Main point, you must communicate a lot so as to have a successful partnership.

Do Your Best

The most vital thing here is to help your Russian partner adapt to a different life in a different country. This will make everything easier and faster for her to have a smoother transition. You, as the man in the relationship, want to avoid letting her feel scared, on her own and depressed now that she is on a new chapter of her life.