People have standards since it is a basis of comparison whether regarding their ethics, morals, practices etcetera. The word standard is synonymous to “principal”, “rule” and “ideal” which all have a more positive meaning. You need to ask yourself – can your standards get in the way of dating and having a relationship? Do you have unreasonable standards in dating?

Unrealistic Standards

Either consciously or subconsciously, we all have ideal qualities for the people who we would like to meet. These are what we refer to standards. But when it comes to the qualifications of people we wish to date and possibly have a romantic relationship with, this is known as dating standards. Listed here are a few examples which clearly depict these types of standards:

1. I would just date someone with a steady career.
2. I will only go out with someone who is unselfish.
3. Go out with an individual if we have compatible personalities.
4. Only dating somebody if she/he is mature mentally.

This list could go on and on but in the meantime, let’s talk about the above mentioned.

When you interpret these four standards differently, then they can be unrealistic:

1. Date a person who earns six figures at least.
2. I will just go out with somebody who is not selfish. He should put me first more than anything else.
3. b Only going out with someone if she/he has a personality that is compatible with mine according to my checklist.
4. I would only go out with somebody who is emotionally mature and he must understand my fits.

If you interpret them this way then you probably have unrealistic dating standards.

Be realistic

The solution is not to make your dating standards too high. You must be fair and honest when it comes to your dating standards. This way, your dating standards won’t be too much. Your perspective of things would improve and the chances of finding a partner who would do the same for you will also improve.

Please Keep in Mind

Please keep in mind that it is essential to have realistic dating standards, regardless of what they are. It will also help that you do a truthful assessment of yourself and find out if those standards were to be measured up to you. It’s really not bad to have standards. They simply have to be reasonable, mature and truthful.