To help all those young women who are stealing Christy Brinkly’s husband, here are 10 Key Signs You May Be Dating a Married Man:

dating a married man
1. When change falls out of his pocket, so does a gold ring.

If he is hiding a ring, what else is he hiding? Kids? Bankruptcy? Ex-wives? What is he honest about?

2. That annoying woman goes on every date with you and calls him pet names, like hubby.

Okay, she doesn’t go with you literally on every date, but her presence hoovers over everything he does about you. He is not thinking about ” How can I improve our relationship.” He is thinking. “What can I do, so my wife doesn’t find out? ” Not exactly the foundation for a long-term relationship.

3. He cringes at phrases like “Honey we need to talk.”

Married men hear that phrase a lot. And if he doesn’t want to talk, bond with his wife, what makes you so special?

4. At ten o’clock when you want sex, he turns on the television.

Why is in your bed, in your apartment anyway? Why don’t you go places, see a movie, have dinner, do things like normal couples do. Hmm – think about it!

5. He never expects to be right.

It’s that old joke. If you are alone in a forest and your wife is not there, are you still wrong. Married men have a lot of emotional baggage that they carry around their whole life. This is a marriage he is in, the most sacred of all relationships. When he cheats on his wife, he cheats on himself. Date a married man and you better have an extra room for all the guilt he brings with him.

6. He can’t remember the name of his divorce lawyer.

Sure he is getting a divorce. But it has been six months now and every month, he tells you the name of a different lawyer, or a reason why the divorce is taking so long.

7. His clothes actually match.

Many married men are used to being taken care of. They marry someone like mom who picks out their clothes. How attached is he to being “taken care of” ?

8. He is fond of mother-in-law jokes.

Does he make fun of people. Does he seem to have an unusal vindicative sense of humor. What does this say about his personality. Is this someone you want to stick with for the long term?

9. He drives a mini-van.

Which means kids. That he hasn’t told you about. How many other “little” surprises does Mr. Honest have in store for you.

10. His psychologist is on speed-dial.

And if you date a married man, you better have your psychologist on speed-dial too!